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Past wild food events

Bristol Wild Food Walk

Long Ashton, GB

A broad range of habitats on this course from managed gardens to meadowland, hedgerow and woodland. Sample some delicious snacks ... See more

Dave Hamilton

Organised by Dave Hamilton

Chakra Healing Foods


Evening Workshop. Chakra Healing Foods: From Cilantro Sauce to Lavender truffles, with Rena Unger. Different foods effect different centers (chakras) ... See more


Organised by nyopencenter

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The wild food experts

wild food

Hatha Yoga

I share my love of yoga, meditation and healthy living with guests attending my retreats.

wild food

raw food nutrition

Enmore, Somerset, GB

I am a trained colour light therapist, Tachyon practitioner, Reiki practitioner and raw food workshop leader. My husband and I ...

2 events

wild food


Frome, Somerset, GB

Wild Food expert and writer - I have been writing and teaching foraging for over a decade all over the ...

2 events

wild food

raw food nutrition

Málaga, Spain

Stephane comes from a scientific background, working in research in some of the best Universities in his field, before his ...

15 events


Watford, Hertfordshire, GB

We sell everything Himalayan Crystal salt from Himalayan Salt lamps in various shapes and sizes. We sell various candle holders, ...

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