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Neutral-Space Relaxation

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Post by Graham D Whiteman 7 years, 6 months ago

Stressed or not stressed?

How can you tell whether you are stressed and if so to what level? Grouchy level 1 - 10 Grumpy level 1 - 10 Sarcastic level 1 - 10 or happiness level 1- 100. Calling Neutral-Space
Graham D Whiteman 3 years, 7 months ago

Find a place to relax! - Relaxation has a core part to play in our modern day lives, in fact it is paramount to health and happiness.

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Past Neutral-Space Relaxation events

Autumn Equinox Detox

Williton, Somerset, GB

A wonderful weekend coinciding with a change in seasons from Summer to Autumn. Slowing the pace of life, understanding how ... See more

Fairfield House

Organised by Fairfield House


Storrington, West Sussex, GB

LOVE FLOW SATSANG, THE YOGA GARDEN, STORRINGTON 3rd JULY 2014, 7.30 - 9PM Join Laura and Jason for this magical ... See more

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Neutral-Space Relaxation

mind-body training

West Sussex, GB

We work with a new approach to Relaxation, way beyond rest, moving in the new Paradigm,so enthused with the training ...

29 events

Neutral-Space Relaxation

Neutral-Space Relaxation

Chichester, West Sussex, GB

An Entrepreneur,focusing on Health and Well being. I am a very Creative person, whose journey has been a very colourful ...

10 events

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