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Progress log by Jeremy Leach 7 years, 7 months ago

Raw milk diet for 30 days!

Having known about the supposed benefits of raw milk over pasteurised milk for quite a while, I decided to challenge myself to 2 pints (approx 1 litre) of raw milk per day. The milk i'm currently more
Challenge update day 1 of 30

Yesterday my hay fever and allergies were really playing up, and I felt tired and low energy all day. It was my first day on the raw milk. In the evening I had 4 raw eggs and afterwards felt a little nauseous.. Maybe I overdid it on the first day. more

Challenge update day 1 of 30

Energy good so far today. Still hayfever though. I read somewhere that paradoxically raw milk can help hayfever and allergies: Milk consumption in children reduces allergies And: more

Challenge update day 2 of 30

I woke up today quite early, about 5.30am which is extremely unusual for me. I felt alert and not tired, but thinking it was too early to get up I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 9am - feeling tired! But my allergies were less than more

Challenge update day 3 of 30

Not much to say at the moment things still the same. Hay fever lessening (but that could be that we're just moving into summer as my allergies start and finish early). Still waking up early which is good.

Challenge update day 5 of 30

Ran out of milk over the last 2 days - unfortunately my allergies seem to be a bit worse. More milk coming today - so we'll see if that improves things again.

Challenge update day 6 of 30

Back on the raw milk yesterday after a couple of days off. I noticed immediately this morning that will i was still a bit sneezy, i could actually breathe through my nose! Also I woke up again at 5 am. There is definitely a pattern here- it seems more

Challenge update day 13 of 30

I have found a non-fresian dairy farm, called Plawhatch Farm. They have MRI breeds, the milk is a bit more creamy than the milk from Hook and Son. This one to me tastes a bit richer and I like that, but both milks are very pleasant to drink. I still more

Challenge update day 14 of 30

Amazingly - I woke up today with absolutely no hay-fever, and this has lasted all day. I haven't needed to take an antihistamine - yet yesterday i took two - and even that couldn't stop my nose streaming like a river! So this means that I clearly am more

Challenge update day 20 of 30

I'm still drinking the raw milk. About 1 litre per day. My hay fever is basically gone - however it usually subsides about late May, so it might not be the milk. I'm still digesting it fine. No problems. And I still wake up earlier than I used to, more

Challenge update day 26 of 30

Raw milk regime still going well. I feel my digestion is very good. I also feel that I have got stronger - in terms of muscle. Without really doing any extra exercise! That's a bonus. I haven't got tired of the milk, as I'm eating other things more

Challenge update day 35 of 30

The 30 days has come to an end - yet i'm going to stick with the raw milk. The benefits ive seen: 1. Being able to wake up earlier 2. Feeling stronger in terms of muscular strength. 3. Digestion improved - though that could also be due to the more

Greg Dahlen 7 years ago

I have been living on milk for the last five years, every day I drink about two gallons of organic skim milk, plus a little pure cream here and there, and hardly eat or drink anything else. For me it has been great, among other things I maintain more

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