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Past ecstatic dance events

Dance Your Naked Truth

Bristol, GB

THE DANCING UNIVERSE would like to invite you to..... DANCE YOUR NAKED TRUTH Where: Oddfellows Hall, Clifton, Bristol When: 7.15pm-10.45pm ... See more

Jenny Hampton

Organised by Jenny Hampton

Total Woman Retreat

Dartford, Kent, GB

TOTAL WOMAN 21/23 September at Rowhill Grange Spa Hotel, Wilmington, Kent A nurturing and pampering women-only retreat at a luxurious ... See more

Lynn Jackson

Organised by Lynn Jackson


Bristol, GB

Blissdance 29th June, 8-10pm St Michael's Hall, Bristol 15 For bookings and information, contact Malika at or on 07790 ... See more

Jenny Hampton

Organised by Jenny Hampton

Freedom Dance

London, GB

FreedomDance with Alex Nikiforov London Bridge | Wednesdays | 19:00 21:00 This is your time and space to be ... See more

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The ecstatic dance experts

ecstatic dance


Keaau, Hawaii County, US

Aloha, I am Reverend Keala Alohakeahua Vai Noel. Not the name on my birth certificate for sure but the Keala ...

7 events

ecstatic dance

mindfulness meditation

Oxfordshire, GB

The first thing you may wish to know is that Aloola and Ramon are aliases. We have done this to ...

2 events

ecstatic dance


Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, US

This has been a journey that so far has lasted for 61+ years, and as I write this I am ...

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