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Freedom Dance

London, GB

FreedomDance with Alex Nikiforov London Bridge | Wednesdays | 19:00 21:00 This is your time and space to be ... See more

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Hatha Yoga

I share my love of yoga, meditation and healthy living with guests attending my retreats.




I started Yoga in 1995 and became a Yoga teacher in 1997 and ever since, have had a wonderfully exciting ...

3 events


mindfulness meditation

Oxfordshire, GB

The first thing you may wish to know is that Aloola and Ramon are aliases. We have done this to ...

2 events


Zhineng Qigong

Sacramento, US

Since 2000 I have been focusing my personal practice on Zhineng Qigong, currently I am working for and studying with ...



Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, US

This has been a journey that so far has lasted for 61+ years, and as I write this I am ...

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