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I live in Georgia

Call me on: +995 591555580

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My website: http://www.zentravel.ge

Zen Travel is a pioneer travel company in Georgia specializing in Yoga Retreats. As today more and more people are seeking vacations that are both relaxing and explorative, Zen Travel revolutionizes the age-old classic travel packages in Georgia by combining authentic destinations with alternative healing procedures, organic food and local culture.

We design travel programs with an integrated approach to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. We believe that integrated wellness travel programs guided by professional holistic healing practitioners can inspire and educate people to make long-term lifestyle changes.

As a word ZEN describes a state of being present here and now, Zen Travel offers you mindful holidays that make you more aware of yourself and the universe you belong to. This principle is applied to all our trips becauseā€¦ We Care! We care about the people we travel with, the community we stay in and the places we visit.

Let us host you in Georgia to heal your mind, body and soul!

Areas of expertise:

yoga mind-body training Holistic therapy Hatha Yoga meditation mindfulness meditation Reiki Healing holistic life coaching holistic coaching spiritual massage active meditation hypnotherapy personal growth Kundalini Yoga Himalayan Bowls Chakra Healing

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