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I started Yoga in 1995 and became a Yoga teacher in 1997 and ever since, have had a wonderfully exciting Yoga journey - both inwards and outwards. Yoga has become a way of life and not simply a practice on the mat. So, everything else I do has a Yoga slant to it. I run Yoga and detox retreats in Portugal and Turkey, and the detox and nutrition aspects have at their chore a love and respect for Self - seeing the body as a temple and being mindful of how you treat it.

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nutrition yoga reflexology Holistic therapy meditation mindfulness meditation vegetarian food Reiki Healing Thai Massage 5Rhythms biodanza massage permaculture non-duality Relaxation Organic Whole food Nutrition Reiki detox and cleansing Ayurvedic nutrition weight-loss Sound Himalayan Bowls Chakra Healing chanting detox Thai yoga massage therapeutic oil massage

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