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xantha korn

I live in london

Call me on: 07919440139

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My website: http://www.xanthaworks.com

My journey first began a couple of years ago when like so many people, I was suffering in silence from depression and anxiety. I turned to hypnotherapy as a last resort to try and pull me from the dark hole I had fallen into. Quite miraculously I felt like a new person overnight. Hypnotherapy changed my outlook on life and gave me a new sense of self-worth. I finally began to understand what happiness feels like.

With this new lease of life I knew that I wanted to do more to help other people. Turning to volunteer work at Evelina’s Children Hospital gave me an insight into what life is about; supporting your loved ones and being there for people in times of need. From then on I knew that I wanted to commit myself full-time to a line of work that improves and truly benefits people’s lives.

As I began researching my options I came across the work of one of the world’s leading hypnotherapy practitioners in Marisa Peer. Marisa developed the practice of Rapid Transformative Therapy (RTT) which is the fastest and most effective form of hypnotherapy. A place on one of her intensive training programs arose and I jumped at the chance to learn from one of the best. 5 months of training followed and after passing both practical and written exams, I became a certified hypnotherapist. With recognition from the GHR – General Hypnotherapist Register, International Board of Hypnotherapy and the National Council of Psychotherapists.

Since becoming certified I have helped a wide variety of clients with all different issues. Whether it’s stopping smoking, losing weight, improving relationships, confidence, passing exams, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, or physical ailments - there is a reason and cure behind every problem. There is always room for improvement in our lives. If you are willing to put in the work to retrain your brain and break old habits to form new empowering beliefs, then I would love to help you make that change!

Areas of expertise:

hypnotherapy wellness Rapid transformative therapy RTT marisa peer therapy

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