Wild Equine Yoga & Plant Medicine Retreat
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Wild Equine Yoga & Plant Medicine Retreat

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More details: http://www.bluebirdbliss.co.uk

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Hello beautiful being,

This is your special invitation to a little healing retreat my partner Sheena and I are organising in a secret location in North Somerset.

If you have reached a fork in the road and wish to leave your heavy pain load behind you, now is the time to step up and ask for help from your soul. Do you have questions about your life that are so far unanswered? Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? (the last one being a quote from my shaman friend Jolane Abrams) *** WARNING – YOU MAY NO LONGER RECOGNISE YOURSELF AS YOU START TO SEE YOUR OWN BEAUTY ***

We will have our marvellous little brothers leading the night and our HORSES will be featuring along with FIRE, YOGA and SOUND… so far in the form of my amazing friend who designed and his talented partner Emma who made this incredible instrument – the Om Guitar…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QcPMDuojVs

We shall sit together and meditate, sing, cry, laugh, chant and possibly even have a little dance as we journey together held by the gloriously loving energy of Mother Earth.

Beginning by setting up camp on the afternoon of the 30th July and begin with an introduction to the horses and yoga class. The evening will unfold with ceremony expected to come to a close in the early hours of the Sunday when we will retire for a few hours sleep before coming together again to enjoy brunch, the cost of which is included.

** You are invited to bring materials to express thoughts/feelings/images/learnings/reflections during this time. Pen or paintbrush, paper or canvas or simply your voice…

Be there or be… [fill in the blank]

If it sounds like something that peaks your interest, please get in touch at bluebirdbliss@yahoo.co.uk and I will share more details on the plant medicine and logistics along with the suggested exchange for the evening/weekend. You can find the event on facebook at my page facebook.com/bluebirdbliss or email bluebirdbliss@yahoo.co.uk for details

Hope you can make it! With so much love and light, Nicola x p.s. please share with friends

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Nicola Carley

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Sat 30
2016 Jul

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