‘Wake Up Call’ Day Intensive in London, UK
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‘Wake Up Call’ Day Intensive in London, UK

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Event address: The Philadelphia Association NW3 1QW

More details: http://www.die-to-love.com/dive-in/mini-intensives/wake-up-call-intensive-in-london/

About this event

A ‘Wake Up Call’ Intensive with Unmani is an opportunity to dive deeper into the recognition of your true nature, and to explore the living of that in your daily life. Unmani invites you into full participation, to question, share or investigate whatever is relevant for you in your life. The ‘Wake Up Call’ Intensives are a very intimate closed group to enable a deep inquiry into our longing to wake up to our true nature, and come home.

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Tue 3
2013 Sep
Tue 1
2013 Jan

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