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I live in London, Essex, Cambridge, East Herts

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Tranquil Retreats bring positive health and wellbeing through energetic modalities for the benefit of all.

Tranquil Retreats have been providing retreats, workshops, classes and treatments since 2010. We hold our own events as well as working with others on occasion to bring health and wellbeing using a mix of modalities.

Our events as well as the treatments provided are organised with careful consideration to the energetics of the environment, the modalities used and the people taking part to provide the highest harmonious energetics for all involved to enhance their wellbeing and benefit from the energetic mix.

In the UK we cover the following locations:




East Herts

We hold retreats and workshops world-wide.

If you are interested in us holding an event near you contact us.

Areas of expertise:

qigong mind-body training Holistic therapy acupuncture meditation mindfulness meditation dark room meditation massage traditional chinese medicine (TCM) chinese herbal medicine active meditation consciousness Self Massage Neutral-Space Relaxation traditional healing systems Sound Iron Shirt Spontaneous Qi Gong Lucid Light Experience Spirovital Airnergy therapy TDP infrared therapy Vibrationa medicine therapy

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