Tranceformational Touch
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Tranceformational Touch

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Event address: Zagreb, Croatia

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A beautiful weekend learning about the Trance state to enhance connection through touch and intimacy.

Dr Paul Carter of Trance and Healing and Sharon Waxkirsh of Mindbeing Hypnotherapy come together to offer this unique combination of trance workers. This is a wonderful exploration of how to achieve and understand the value and benefit of using trance to connect on a higher vibration. The workshop includes Trance state meditation, dance, healing and intimate connection for couples.

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Sharon Waxkirsh

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Fri 10
2013 May
Sun 12
2013 May

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mindfulness meditation Quantum Touch dance tantra sexual healing shamanic sexual healing tantric massage relating and communication authentic speaking active meditation hypnotherapy cuddling non-sexual tantra intimacy hugs consciousness Chakra Healing