Training in Soul Retrieval, Multimensional Re
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Training in Soul Retrieval, Multimensional Re

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29 July – 3 August 2017, Merizzo (Massa), Multidimensional Relationships & Sensuality, training with Franco Santoro.

This is a unique training course, which explores intimate and sensual relationships from a multidimensional and shamanic perspective with the aim of healing connections with yourself, partners, relatives, friends and significant people in your life.

Drawing from the astroshamanic healing approach, we will track and release blocks that inhibit the capacity to express our true sensuality, identifying the underlying issues that hinder relationships, promoting compassion, healing, peace and fulfilment.

The workshop is designed for all types of relationships, encompassing couples in intimate or platonic connections, work partnerships, service and spirituality, as well as, rapports with friends and relatives. It consists of two workshops:

29-30 July 2017, Basic Workshop. (It is also possible to take part only in this workshop).

31 July – 3 August 2017, Training and Certificate Workshop.

“For ages on our planet conflicts around sex issues have been a major cause of suffering, addiction and frustration. As we move into a path of rapid spiritual reawakening it is vital to acknowledge these wounds and strenuously promote ways to heal them. From a multidimensional perspective sex is a symbolic representation of the energy pervading the web of life, often described as an ongoing multidimensional intercourse between the earth and the sky, the seen and the unseen.

Many healers and also ordinary, yet highly sensitive, people stand on the threshold of this copulation, right at the point where polarities meet, between the ordinary and non-ordinary, day and night, life and death. Whether they know it or not, they are intensely tied to the essence of creation, stirring up the energy and using it to sustain the web of life. As they do so, they are involved in healing soul-fragmentation, which is the result of belief systems based on separation and the cause of all fears held in our culture.

People who are aware of this healing process work at an archetypal or collective level, as opposed to the personal or self-centred levels most individuals operate from. As a result, they constantly move to different ways of perceiving and using sex energy. Due to the conventional denial and distortion of such themes, this can be unsettling for them and their relationships…” (read on at

The event starts at 10:30 on Saturday and ends at around 18:00 on Sunday.

The event takes place at il Casale in Lunigiana, a centre of light, based in nature, entirely surrounded by the Apuan Alps and the Appenine, brooks, on the Via Francigena in the historical territory of Lunigiana.

For further details or information please contact us at

Casale in Lunigiana, Ronco

località Merizzo

Villafranca in Lunigiana 54028 (Massa, Italy)

Tel. 0187420736

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Sat 29
2017 Jul
Thu 3
2017 Aug

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