Tina Paul
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Tina Paul

I live in Somerset

Call me on: 07813110167

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My website: http://www.angelenergies.net

I am a Medium, Angel Facilitator, Psychic Artist, Writer, Founder of Helix Healing, Helix Animal healing & Angelic Helix Healing. I facilitate Helix Healing Practitioner Training and Helix Healing consultations.

I also facilitate Shamanic Helix Healing workshops and provide on-line certificated training.

I am based in Somerset and have worked in the spiritual/holistic fields for many years.

I am monthly columnist with Bellesprit Magazine and provide a monthly column titled 'Helix Healing - Inspiration from the Kaleidoscope Collective.

I work with my Angelic guide ‘Tahalihah’ and have a passion for assisting others to connect with the energy of spirit.

I aspire to motivate, inspire, and empower others to continue on their life’s journey and fulfil their potential.

Connect with me, via: • Facebook: Angel Energies – Tina Paul

Facebook: Helix Healing - Tina Paul

• Twitter: @AngelEnergies

• Website: www.angelenergies.net

• E-mail: tmpaul13@gmail.com

Areas of expertise:

Holistic therapy meditation creativity personal growth clairvoyance angel readings Helix Healing Mediumship Psychic & Intuitive Art Talks Retreats Home & Business Blessing services Colour Healing Small Business Coaching & Mentoring Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Writer Workshop Facilitator Chakra Balancing & Healing Helix Soul Readings Psychic Development Training Helix Animal Healing Angelic Helix Healing Shamanic Helix Healing Helix House Healing & Cleansing Certificated Helix Healing Practitioner Training Small Business start up Holistic LifeCoaching Qualified Trainer & Assessor Certificated Training Childrens Rainbow Workshops

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