Three Treasures of Shaolin Chi Kung
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Three Treasures of Shaolin Chi Kung

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Event address: Guildford, Surrey

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For this Summer Camp, Sifu Wong Kiew Kit has selected a complete program to help people understand, experience, and progress safely through, all stages of cleansing, building and nourishing, as well as passing on the secrets of internal energy.

The Art of Self-Manifested Chi Movement – this day covers the fundamental skills necessary to generate Qi Flow safely and effectively. The outcome is considered to be the “platinum card” Qigong for overcoming pain and chronic illness. This is the foundation. It is the essential practice from which all skills and benefits flow.

The Art of Bone Marrow Cleansing – the highest skills and level of Qigong attainment in Bodhidharma’s teaching. Course participants have the rare opportunity of developing skills to experience the benefits of Qi flow at the five levels of skin, flesh, meridians, internal organs and bone marrow (nerves).

The Art of Cosmic Breathing – these arts will literally have you pulsating with the Cosmos and experiencing a beautiful shower of energy. You may discover that you do not breathe through your nose and mouth as your dan tian taps into Cosmos energy. You may also find yourself expanding into Supreme Reality.

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Sat 7
2014 Jun
Mon 9
2014 Jun

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qigong mind-body training traditional chinese medicine (TCM) traditional healing systems Spontaneous Qi Gong