Three-Day Meditation Retreat|Sedona,Az
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Three-Day Meditation Retreat|Sedona,Az

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Event address: 2250 West SR 89A

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Come join Seek Within You and experience the power of relaxation! During

the entire retreat, participants are immersed in a weekend of

relaxation and rejuvenation to promote self-healing. Participants learn

how to meditate with simple, easy, fun and relaxing techniques to

assist them in the process of healing emotionally, mentally and

physically. The process of relaxation and meditation quiets the mind and

allows one to open to higher healing energy. The itinerary includes

immersion and practice of relaxing meditation techniques, meditating at a

powerful Sedona vortex and relaxing during an evening at the spa. It

is a going to be a weekend of healing and relaxation.

Please visit: for registration information. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in Sedona!

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Meditation for Health | Natural Healing | Online Meditation

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Fri 6
2012 Apr
Sun 8
2012 Apr

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Holistic therapy self improvement