Theragem Foundation - Accessing Awareness!
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Theragem Foundation - Accessing Awareness!

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Event address: Whalley, Lancashire - UK

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The Foundation training, ‘Accessing Awareness’ is an exciting treat to get yourself up to speed with Theragem Fusion Light therapy. A crystal clear introduction on precious gems and sparkling crystals; pure metals, enhanced colours, grounding Schuman Resonance, universal white noise and our own brain wave frequencies for optimum homeostasis in the shortest time possible.

What will you get out of it? Great question! Get first-hand experience with relaxing Theragem taster sessions, plus the chance to get your health status assessed using the worldwide acclaimed Heart Quest equipment.

You will learn why fusing the earth’s natural resources help you to balance triggers that control our mood, stress, pain and other symptoms and you will learn what to do, to get into great energetic shape and wellbeing, to raise your consciousness levels.

With a short but powerful introduction into the recently discovered Assemblage Point grid and the Assemblage Point Re-connection, you can find true homeostasis for yourself and your surroundings.

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Medica Health International Ltd.

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Fri 10
2016 Jun

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meditation Ecotherapy traditional chinese medicine (TCM) natural building bioenergetics consciousness Strength and Conditioning detox and cleansing Sound Chakra Healing Light Therapy - crystal Assemblage Point therapy