The Obsidian Mirror Tradition
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The Obsidian Mirror Tradition

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Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl

“Uniquely precious knowledge … on how to master our body and our mind.” —Ervin Laszlo, Nobel Prize nominee and author

In this workshop we will discover an ancient Mesoamerican technique that permits us to go deep into our unconscious to remove hidden, repetitive patterns that prevent us from expressing our full potential. Using a combined process of rituals, powerful breathing and healing methods, meditative practices and visualizations, we will learn how to use the obsidian mirror (tezcatlipoca), a sacred object used in the Toltec/Aztec/Mexica traditions, as a portal to the unconscious and the primordial mind. This tradition believes that it is in the dream state where we can find the negative forces that create destructive habits in our daily life. The meditations used in this practice are designed to help us: access the level of the “deep mind,” to awaken our inner wisdom, open our vision, remove harmful repetitive patterns and stop our resistance to change. Once these blockages have fallen away our energy will naturally align with the universe. It is here where we can plant our dreams and within a short amount of time and with some dedication, manifest our goals, and steer our life in a clear and new direction.

Free intro on Friday, May 30, at 7pm.

Note: There will be a materials fee of $40 for a black obsidian (volcanic glass) mirror, made in Mexico specifically for this class, payable directly to the instructor.


Saturday & Sunday, May 31 & June 1, 10am–5pm


Members: $260 / Nonmembers: $280

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Sat 31
2014 May
Sun 1
2014 Jun

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meditation healing Transformation spiritual inquiry indigenous culture ritual