The Indescribable Transformation Experience
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The Indescribable Transformation Experience

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Event address: Main Hall, St Pancras Communication Centre, 30 Camden Street, London, NW1 0LG

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About The Indescribable Transformation Experience

The definition of Indescribable is “Impossible to describe, too extraordinary for description, too unusual, extreme to be adequately described”.

Many years ago Tiffany went out into the public and started working with groups of people to assist them on their personal transformations and healing journey of their body and mind.

What participants experience is, “The Indescribable Transformation”. We invite you to come and have this one-of-a-kind experience!

This event is solely and completely about HEALING of body and mind and allows for spontaneous remission.

This event starts with announcements and guided meditation. Tiffany, in her very expanded state will begin to work with the audience one-by-one. During the time you come into her energy field she will be scanning your physiology and emitting high frequency vibrations to assist in your transformation/healing on all levels. This happens in a matter of seconds. She may hold you, hug you, speak with you or nothing at all. In the state of total expansion she is able to read your level of discomfort and issues that are ready to be transformed and healed.

Once complete, she may direct you to spend time in dedicated area known as the Healing Garden for continued transformation, integration, love and support or to return to your seat.

Please note, there are no references to this event anywhere on her website. This is a BY REQUEST event and after 2014 Tiffany will no longer be doing Public Healing events, so NOW is the time to come and have this uniquely Indescribable Transformation Experience!


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Meet Tiffany Masters

Ms. Masters is a gifted hyper-sensitive Intuitive, Teacher, Mystic, Channel of Energy/Love & Medium. She travels all over the world working publicly and privately with individuals and businesses in their transformations and healing. To learn more about her, please feel to read about her on the above referenced website.

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Anna Aria

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Sat 4
2014 Oct

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meditation spiritual personal growth consciousness healing clairvoyance spontaneous remission curing from alcoholism curing from illnesses healing energy miracles DNA healing