The Geometry of End of Time
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The Geometry of End of Time

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Event address: New York Open Center, 22 E. 30th Street

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Robert Lawlor

In two workshops, Robert Lawlor, a contemporary authority on sacred geometry, explores the geometric and prophetic patterns which emerge from integrating three major ancient cycles of time—the Precession of the Equinox, the Mayan Calendar, and the over-arching structure of time, the Yuga System of Hindu and Egyptian traditions. He suggests that the endpoint of the current Kali-Yuga points toward profound changes in modern civilization and the present mode of consciousness of the human race. The same measurements marking the points of correspondence between these cycles can be found in ancient monuments such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the stone circles of the British Isles. They also appear in the cycles and dimensions of the Earth, Moon and planets. Robert examines the historic events and conditions of human consciousness that lead us to the point he considers the End of Time. He also speculates on the awareness necessary for confronting this cosmic destiny.

The Dimensions of the Earth, Moon, Planets and the Cycles of Human Destiny


Saturday, May 31, 10am–1pm


Members: $55 / Nonmembers: $65

The Vibrations of Words and Music


Saturday, May 31, 2:30–5:30pm


Members: $55 / Nonmembers: $65

Combined price when registering for both workshops at the same time:

Members: $100 / Nonmembers: $120


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Sat 31
2014 May

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spiritual consciousness Workshop sacred geometry