The Art of Dying Conference
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The Art of Dying Conference

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The New York Open Center in partnership with Wisdomfeed™, Bevival® and The International Nurse Coaching Association presents The Art of Dying 6: Spiritual, Scientific and Practical Approaches to Living & Dying.

The Art of Dying conference series speaks to the progressive awakening of our culture to a more conscious view of our own mortality. Death and dying are topics that are discussed with increasing openness and with an awareness that our view of death profoundly impacts our experience of life.

This conference will examine these matters from a holistic and inclusive perspective. We will engage with such essential questions as: How can we work more compassionately and intelligently with the dying? How can our own death and the death of those we love be faced with courage? Does consciousness survive death and, if so, what might we expect? How can we best prepare? How can death become much less frightening both for ourselves and for our loved ones? How can we develop more enlightened care for the dying even in our environment of technological medicine? How does a community support dying, and how can ritual around dying infuse community with meaning and connection?

This is the sixth in a series addressing these and other vital issues. It brings together important innovators in the field of death and dying, in palliative and hospice care. Many have a background in modern medicine, others speak from a more traditional or spiritual perspective. All expand our understanding of how to work best and most compassionately with the dying, and our attunement to death itself, the deepest of all mysteries. We invite you to join a wide array of participants including hospice workers, nurses, doctors, therapists, bereavement counselors, social workers and members of the general public to explore together a profound and heartfelt approach to the great matter of life and death.

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Fri 13
2017 Oct
Mon 16
2017 Oct

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