Thai Foot Reflexology
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Thai Foot Reflexology

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Event address: Haworth, West Yorkshire, uk

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The two-day Thai Foot Reflexology course introduces both manual massage and the use of the Thai Foot stick, alongside a complete workout for the reflexes on the soles of the feet.

The two-day Thai Foot Reflexology Diploma course will teach you:

Anatomy and Physiology - a basic introduction to the lower legs and feet, lower arms and hands and the skin.

Health & Safety - keeping client records, pre-massage hygiene, safety during treatment

History and background of Thai Foot Massage

Sen lines used in Thai Foot Reflexology – main sen lines in lower legs, with schematic diagram and descriptions of their functions

Reflex points used in Thai Foot Reflexology (over twenty points covering all the organs and systems of the body)

Benefits of Thai Foot Reflexology along with contraindications and cautions

Energy work including opening and closing rituals - the Om Namo prayer and an explanation of its origins

Oils used in Thai Foot Reflexology

Equipment required for Thai Foot Reflexology along with the foot ritual

Massage of the feet, legs and hands - both manual techniques and the use of the Thai Foot Stick

The course is open to all students and no previous experience or qualifications are required.

The cost of this two-day course is £225 including learning materials, oils for use during the day and a certificate. You will also receive a Thai Foot Stick. Insurance is available so you may use your new skills professionally. The course is recognised by the CMA and the Guild of Holistic Therapists.

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Sarah Collins

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Thu 9
2016 Jun
Fri 10
2016 Jun

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