STOP holding yourself back from Success - Lif
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STOP holding yourself back from Success - Lif

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Event address: 513 Los Coches St, Milpitas 95035

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STOP holding yourself back from the peace and happiness you deserve in life.

Now is the time to find your inner peace by discovering the source of conflicts within you...

A powerful meditation workshop that shows you how to finally get freedom from past pain, hurt, and self-limiting beliefs. A rare opportunity to go on a journey of inner discovery and empowerment, guided directly by a real living Enlightened Master. Sign up now.

How would you rate your satisfaction with your:Finances?Relationships?Health?Happiness? Your ratio of inner stress vs. inner peace? Spiritual clarity and connection?Fun, and satisfaction with life?

If you are experiencing conflicts or stress in any parts of your lifeKnowing how to turn inside to find your peace can change EVERYTHING for you...

..But how to turn inside?

Get CONTROL - Eliminate stress and take ownership of your time and life

Get CLARITY - Discover where and why your unconscious thinking patterns started holding you back

Get HEALING - Heal painful and tensions and wounds inside you

Get CONFIDENCE - To Resolve your conflicting thoughts and seize the life of your dreams

5 Star Reviews for the Life Bliss Program

"This program has made me a high achiever.I can't thank you enough."

I gained so much clarity in my thoughts and how I was holding myself back, I feel like I have my life back now. This program has made me a high achiever. Thank you! - Nitya Ramani - Technology Executive, Los Angeles, CA

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Fri 16
2015 Jan
Sun 18
2015 Jan

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Holistic therapy meditation holistic coaching spiritual non-duality personal growth consciousness