Spoon Bending & Manifestation
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Spoon Bending & Manifestation

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Event address: Chesterfield, VA

More details: http://bit.ly/2p6qwKO

About this event

This 4th and final workshop of the weekend with Medium Ruth Shilling promises to be fun, a hands-on experience of bending spoons and manifesting through the use of mandalas. Spoon Bending is soooo much fun! It’s a great feeling when the spoons (and forks) become so flexible that you can bend them like taffy! Ruth will explain it all first, and then the action starts. And yes, YOU can do it! If someone doesn’t get it right away, Ruth will work with them until they do. So far she has a 100% success rate, so that includes you!

And if a rigid spoon can change to being flexible for you, then maybe there are other things in your life that can change, too. After the spoon bending, we will do some manifestation processes to send you home with tools for living a more abundant and satisfying life. Natural laws of creation will be explained along with suggestions for crafting a prayer or affirmation to place in the center of one of the Manifestation Mandalas from Ruth's coloring books (books are included). After people have written what they would like in the mandalas, the prayers will then be blessed by the entire group. There is joy in both creating and blessing the desires of others!

Ruth will bring spoons for everyone but people can also bring their own. You can also bring colored pencils or felt pens. You'll have both a bent spoon and a blessed manifestation mandala to take home with you. Come join in the fun!

EVENT LOCATION: Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center, 11932 Winterpock Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23838

If attending more than one workshop over the weekend, you can receive a discount. Pre-pay for 2 or more classes by April 13th to receive a discount!

Buy any 2 workshops for $60

Buy all 4 workshops for $100

NOTE: Each class is $35.00 at the door. Walk-ins accepted. For pre-payments and discounts, payment can be made online at http://bit.ly/2p6qwKO

Any questions, please contact judith at jkohnen01@gmail.com

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Judith Kohnen, RN, SC-C, CHTP

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Sun 15
2018 Apr

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mind-body training creativity healing abundance manifestation Law of Attraction energy well-being spoon bending mind over matter mandalas attracting