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Spiritual Healing Expo

I live in Spiritual Healing Centre, C-23, Flower Queen, Opp ICICI Bank, Azad Nagar, Veera Desai Road, Andheri

Call me on: 9833963997

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My website: http://www.spiritualhealingexpo.com

You Will Connect With Healers And Therapist Who Will Share Thier Practising Healing Modality To Empower You To Create And Have Life You Desire.

A Healer / Therapist is someone who facilitates healing utilizing universal energies and healing energies which will assists you in overcoming your limitations. They empower you to cope with thoughts, feelings, and emotions and change behavior patterns that may contribute to you and your life with ease and peace. You will be gifted a session of any modality of your choice by our Healer / Therapist to get a sense of what it feels like. The Entry is absolutely FREE for one and all.

Areas of expertise:

nutrition yoga mind-body training Holistic therapy naturopathic nutrition meditation Quantum Touch holistic coaching esoteric spiritual shamanism creativity traditional chinese medicine (TCM) herbal medicine art bioenergetics relating and communication craniosacral therapy hypnotherapy Ayurveda consciousness Neutral-Space Relaxation clairvoyance detox and cleansing traditional healing systems Ayurvedic nutrition weight-loss Sound Chakra Healing chanting

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