Sound Healing Workshop UK Peterborough
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Sound Healing Workshop UK Peterborough

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Study Sound Healing and deepen your Reiki connection.

Did you know that the system of Reiki has its own sound healing techniques? Think about it... what are the four Reiki mantras for? How do they heal?

This one-day intensive will get you working on yourself and others using sound for healing.

The system of Reiki offers constant surprises to those who are open to continue learning from its mysteries.

We know how much many of you enjoy chanting mantras, yet often dont have the opportunity to experience them - especially in a group environment.

Throughout this special day we will focus on the Japanese art of mantra chanting.

Specific mantras and techniques for working with mantras will be taught to help you go deeper into your chanting practice. The mantras and text we will be working with are from the system of Reiki and ancient Japanese Buddhist and Shinto practices.

There will be a variety of mantra practices taught on the day, and some will be practiced as a group, others in pairs and some individually.

Most importantly this day will be healing. Experience greater growth and change by intensively working on yourself with Frans and your fellow practitioners. We'll see you there!

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Frans Stiene

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Wed 18
2013 Sep

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Sound chanting