Solstice Light - Sound Healing Concert - with
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Solstice Light - Sound Healing Concert - with

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Solstice Light Sound Healing Concert with Daniela of Anima

As we approach Winter Solstice, the longest night, and reawakening of light upon our Earth, join us for an evening immersion into sacred space and sonic healing with beautiful, meditative music and sound healing frequencies. A great selection of Anima's CDs, incenses and other items will also be available at discounted prices for that evening.

Daniela is the vocalist / songwriter of Anima. Sacred Light Sound Healing Concerts are an invitation to journey deep into a space of relaxation, meditation and healing, where the heart space can open, and the sacred energies of the Divine radiate from within.

The evening is guided by prayerful intent, with a selection of Anima’s music performed live and a powerful sound healing transmission through voice, Quartz Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, healing frequencies, mantras, meditations and silence.

Daniela weaves the sound space to move with the energy in the room. She works with pure vocal tones and angelic sound transmissions, the healing vibrations of the crystal bowls and other instruments to clear through layers of density and call upon the frequencies of light. Anima’s music holds space for the deepening into the heart with rich and powerful soundscapes, gentle acoustic songs, and some new music from their forthcoming albums.

As a group we come together to create this healing space. Participants are invited to sit or lie down and open, to release layers of tension and mental distractions, and receive the vibrations deep into the cells; to breathe and merge with the energetic transmissions through the sound and music. In this place of relaxation and surrender, inner shifts can occur, as the body, mind and heart begin the resonate and vibrate with sacred light.

“Healing comes in several forms and this is one” – Reggie

“Incredibly beautiful and moving...brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.” – Autumn

"I can honestly say that this was the most profound experience facilitated by music that I had ever encountered." - David

"I am deeply opened, with tears, once again to the deepest chambers of my heart. reconnecting again to my soul... I am transported to the place of pure presence, the space of pure presence, that is love.... Your voice brings me to tears in such a beautiful sacred opening of love.. thank you..” - Azriel

Daniela is a musician, yoga teacher and practitioner of the healing arts. Her work is dedicated to the reawakening of our true and authentic selves, restoring harmony and balance in our relationship with Spirit and the Divine Essence within.

Along with Ali Calderwood, they form the group Anima. Forging an engaging new style of healing soundscapes and sacred music, their work is a synthesis of sound medicine, shamanic and spiritual arts, yoga and vibrational healing.

Our new release 'Temple Of The Heart HD' will be being launched at the event, and will be available at a special price of £10..along with other Anima CDs ♥

Saturday 13th Decemebr


Venue: 'Light'

Plough Studios

Unit 4, 9 Park Hill, Plough Studios, London SW4 9NS

Map and directions:

Tickets: £15 in advance / £17 on the door

**Seating is either on chairs or meditation style, on the floor. Please bring a yoga mat, cushion and blanket if you would like to sit or lay on the ground.**

Purchase your Tickets through Anima's website:


07475 749 967

(Our last Sound Healing Concert was completely sold out - it is advised to book your tickets in advance..)

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Daniela Broder

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Sat 13
2014 Dec

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