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Silvia Siret - Clarity Coach

I live in Abingdon-on-Thames

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I'm German and trained in my home country for 15 years before I came to Oxfordshire. My passion are Family Constellations, and I offer workshops in Oxford and surroundings. In 2008 I got married to my English man, who has three, now grown-up children. I have two daughters from two different men, one of which lives in England, the other in Germany.

When my first child was only 5 I let it go to live with its father. As a result, it was brainwashed against me and I lost custody and eventually contact when it was only 7 years old. My daughter and I re-connected when she was 14 and a half. Through self-development work and especially family constellations I managed to grow up, take responsibility for my own life and became the captain of my boat, and eventually a therapist myself.

My connections and relations were troubled during childhood, youth and young adulthood. I now have good and harmonious relationships with my birth family, wonderful friends and an amazing husband and family.

My skills, intuition, experience and the ability to channel wisdom is the cocktail I use to help and support others with their personal development.

Areas of expertise:

Holistic therapy meditation mindfulness meditation Reiki Healing holistic life coaching holistic coaching dance esoteric spiritual tantra bioenergetics relating and communication personal growth intimacy consciousness weight-loss Workshops motivational speaking Mindfulness Constellations Counselling co-counselling self-development family constellation systemic constellation constellation work constellation workshops self-development workshops

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