Sarah-Jane Quick
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Sarah-Jane Quick

I live in Rendlesham, Suffolk (UK)

Call me on: 01394 421172

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WHITE LIGHT SPIRIT HEALING is a gentle, blissful yet powerful channelled Healing energy.

What is it? Well, the clue’s in the name. White is the colour of purity. So White Light purifies the body on the highest levels and brings release, peace and comfort.

White Light Spirit Healing uses the full spectrum within White Light to alleviate all physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems...whatever their origins.

White Light Spirit Healing will remove unwanted ties, connections and bindings to ancient places, events, acts or relationships that no longer serve us.

The White Light Spirit Healing teams dissolve these ties and tethers that have held you back, sometimes for many lifetimes. If you are free of these ties, you can continue on a spiritual development path and make great progress.

This beautiful, healing, revitalising energy emanates from The White Brotherhood, an ancient order of White Brothers – or ascended masters who work with the White Light across many disciplines (hence their name) to nurture the evolution of the individual and of mankind.

Come to QUAY PLACE HERITAGE & WELLBEING CENTRE in Ipswich (Suffolk, UK) for healing treatments or join our weekly Healing Meditation group to leave your past behind and embrace an Ascension future.

Areas of expertise:

healing Guided Meditation spirit healing Spirit Healer Land & Building Clearance

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