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Sallyann Davis

I live in Staffordshire

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I grew up in the heart of the Staffordshire moorlands, in a small village called upper Tean, not far from the famous theme park Alton Towers.

This is where my journey began to find completeness and belonging. I would spend many hours propped against a very old and grande Oak Tree, with my pen in one hand and notebook in the other. Just a young school girl who felt lost and alone, writing about fairies and other life beings. My how my ramblings use to create a stir with my mother, who often announced that I had a over active imagination, but when I was sat up at my favourite tree I knew and believed that fairies and other life existed there.

I was a young girl that loved the outdoors and every school summer holiday I would be camped in the back garden at home or a couple of fields away along the tiver bank, at one with nature.

When I left school and married at 19 and had 3 children, my life before started to disapoear. At 28 I divorced and went on to have two more children, and later 3 grandchildren, my ekdest grandaughter passed away suddenly at 2n half and it was a great shock to all, a shock that bounced me back to the life I had before marriage and children, in overcoming my grief I set about helping others improve their outlook on life and set up a fb page called sensitive hearts. I then qualified as a Complementary Therapist and angelic reiki healer .. As a empathic healer I tend to work through my intuition and guidence from our dear angels and ascended and galactic masters...

I feel I have found my purpose again and realise now what the universe was trying to tell me years ago, but I do believe that everything life deals us as a purpose and lesson in it... so when you are feeling lost and alone, don't give up, it is only temporary.. Take time to declutter your mind and be sure to surround yourself with positive and compassionate people.

Areas of expertise:

reflexology Reiki Healing Aromatherapy Sports Massage Angelic Reiki Life Mentor Hotstone Therapy

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