Sacred Mayan Teachings and Traditional Fire C
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Sacred Mayan Teachings and Traditional Fire C

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Event address: 22 E. 30th Street, NY, NY 10016

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Led by Shumantla (Shuni) Giron

Today, a leading teacher of traditional Mayan spirituality will share her profound knowledge of this ancient indigenous wisdom lineage. The day will begin with PowerPoint presentations offering us overviews of Mayan history, culture, mythology, cosmology, architecture, mathematics, astronomical knowledge, calendars, languages, spiritual practices, etc. The second half of the day will focus on a full, authentic two- to three-hour, powerful traditional sacred fire ceremony, which invokes the creator, the four cardinal directions, and the 20 essential energies of the sacred Mayan calendar. In it we will use copal incense, candles, flowers, drums and rattles, songs, and dances around the sacred fire as well as special breathing techniques connected to the sacred calendar designed to connect us to life’s essence and to our highest spiritual potential. Don’t miss this opportunity to encounter these powerfully transformative, sacred indigenous practices with a deeply knowledgeable guide.


Sunday, November 3, 10am–5:30pm


Members: $130 / Nonmembers: $140

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Sun 3
2013 Nov

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spiritual shamanism Native American Culture Fire Ceremony