Return to Life: Reincarnation Research
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Return to Life: Reincarnation Research

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Jim B. Tucker, MD

Researchers at the University of Virginia, beginning with Ian Stevenson, have been investigating children's reports of memories of previous lives for the past fifty years, studying more than 2,500 cases. This evening one of the foremost of these researchers will draw from his most recent book, "Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives", to describe some of these startling cases and to discuss the insights and findings from this work and from quantum theory regarding human nature, death, the nature of consciousness, and the survival of consciousness after death. This rigorous, painstaking and meticulous body of research challenges some of the core beliefs of current scientific materialism and could have enormous implications for our understanding of ourselves, of the nature of mind, and of the universe.


Friday, March 14, 7--9:30pm


Members: $40 / Nonmembers: $45

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Fri 14
2014 Mar

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esoteric spiritual