Release holding patterns and break free!
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Release holding patterns and break free!

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Do you have repeating patterns in life? Do you feel like you are going in circles? Are you frustrated that nothing is working for you? Do you feel powerless to change this pattern? This body process is for you.

Whatever holding patterns you have, eg:”Life is a struggle”, “Money does not grow on trees”, “No pain No gain” etc, they limit you from creating your body, life and living.

Elimination and Eradication of Holding patterns, a gentle hands on body process, will allow you to release all the programming that keeps you stuck and empowers you to create your own life!

Would you choose to come out of the auto-pilot mode and reclaim all of you?

A client has gone from anxiety at work to joy at work in two sessions.

You can also offer this session to your client after this class.

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Nirmala Raju (Nila / Nimi)

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Wed 10
2013 Jul

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Access Consciousness