Reiki Master in One day for only $399! Remote
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Reiki Master in One day for only $399! Remote

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About this event

Become a REIKI MASTER™ in one day ! for only $ 399 on september 14, INCLUDING MANY BONUSSES.

This will be done remote, so you don't need to attend in person or be home for it.

During this very special event we offer online attunements in 4 different modalities of Reiki : * Usui Reiki™ * Tera Maï™ * Seichem™ * Kundalini Reiki™

Participants will be attuned in all 3 degrees of the Reiki™ modality of THEIR CHOICE, and receive the hand-out as file attached to email, as well as all the bonusses.

This hand-out explains : * the positions of the hands with hands-on healing

* the positions of the hands with self-healing

* how to do remote healing

* about Reiki as a healing modality

* the symbols of Reikinwhich belong with the modality of your choice, what they mean, and how to use them

* information on the Violet Flame™ system

You will be sent a certificate of your attunement as Reiki Master by normal mail, signed by the Master which attuned you.

The Reiki™Masters are :

Annemieke van Eijkeren, Reiki Master in Usui™, Tera Maï™, and Seichem™, Violet Flame™

Annette Hafner, Kundalini Reiki™ Master

( for further qualifications see at the bottom of this email )

You will also receive : * Reiki™ meditation music mp4 of 1 hour

* 30 days of coaching from the Master that attuned you, in case you have any questions rising after your attunement as long as it is connected to the Reiki™ course you received.

* a complete blockage clearing, done remote, prior to your attunements

* attunement into Violet Flame™ with Master Saint Germain and Archangel Michael, * a BONUS of 3 extra attunements

* several extras that serve you in practicing Reiki™

The value of this whole package :

Reiki 1 : $150

Reiki 2 : $150

Reiki 3 : $500

Violet Flame : $ 50

MP3 : $ 25

Coaching : $400

Clearing : $ 50


Total of $1325 !!!!

We offer this whole course now for only $ 399 as a special package deal !!!

That's a discount of $ 925 on the whole package !!!

So sign up now to benefit from this very special offer, and become a certified Reiki™ Master in ONE DAY !!!

To sign up please click the button on the upper right of the Facebook Event - - , or if you are not on facebook sign up by email at :

When signing up please send your full name, adress, place of residence / state, country, and emailadress, to the above mentioned emailadress, in order for us to be able to send you your Certificate, hand out, etc !

You may pay using PayPal with email adress :

and you will be signed up for the event after your moneytransfer has been received.

Give yourself the Gift of this Healingsystem modality,

learn to clear blockages in yourself and others,

be able to heal physically and emotionally,

and enjoy a Higher Level of Vibration !

In Love and Gratitude, glad to be of Service

Annette Hafner-Langner, Kundalini Reiki™ Master, Coach/Consultant,

Hypnotherapist/Coach, AngelTherapyPractitioner®,

Energy Tranmission Healer and Holistic Spiritual Life Coach

Annemieke van Eijkeren, Reiki Master Usui™ / Tera Maï™ / Seichem™/ Voilet Flame™/ Melchizedek™ , Access Consciousnes®™ Practitioner, Spiritual Coach / Consultant, certified alround Holistic Therapist, Medium, Owner Rainbow Unicorn Healing System™, Host of the I Am Well radioshow, Minister of the Universal Life Church.

This event is organised by
Inner Sight Medium and Life Coach

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Sat 14
2013 Sep

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