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Reflexology Connections

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A one-day course for qualified reflexologists (Guild of Holistic Therapists recognised course, AOR, ITEC or VTCT). The aim of the course is to give the student a clear understanding of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its connection to western Reflexology. We will do some practical work and share treatments during the course as Chinese Reflex Massage of the feet is included.

Course Contents:

1. TCM definition of health as harmony in energy flow

2. Yin-yang – only constant is change and there are no absolutes

3. Essential Substances: the ‘Five Elements’ and the circle of life.

4. Organs

5. Meridians

6. TCM ideas about diet, climate, environment, etc – can these help our clients?

7. Relating client symptoms, reflex reactions, foot reading to meridian and organ theory

8. Chinese Reflex

9. Chinese Hand and Foot Massage

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Sarah Collins

This event happened on:

Wed 31
2013 Jul

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reflexology Traditional Chinese Medicine CPD meridians professional development Workshop Chinese medicine Chinese massage reflex massage foot massage Chinese