Re-envision Your Writing Mind
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Re-envision Your Writing Mind

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Re-envision Your Writing Mind: A Workshop for Holistic Practitioners, Psychotherapists, and Change Workers

with Kristin Prevallet

You may know how to help people heal physically, spiritually, and emotionally. But thinking of yourself as a writer who needs to articulate your ideas in the form of a newsletter, blog, e-book, and/or book might cause unforeseen blocks to stop you in your tracks. In this course, writer and hypnotherapist Kristin Prevallet shows you how to align your creative right-brain with your practical left-brain, opening yourself up to the possibility of composing that book, newsletter, blog, or e-book that perhaps you didn’t even know you were capable of. Most importantly, the course will allow you to tap into the field of language and re-pattern your writing mind so you can begin to know what it feels like to write more effortlessly.


Friday, October 4, 7–10pm


Members: $52 / Nonmembers: $64

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Fri 4
2013 Oct

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