Raw Fruit Festival 2014
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Raw Fruit Festival 2014

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Event address: Algatocin, Malaga, Spain

More details: http://www.raw-fruit-festival.net

About this event

The Raw Fruit Festival in Andalusia Spain, a fruity healthy friendly week under the sun!

Check also the facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/472777476173380/

This event is organised by
Stephane Fit-in-Nature.net

This event happened on:

Sun 31
2014 Aug
Sat 6
2014 Sep

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nutrition yoga mind-body training raw food nutrition Hatha Yoga raw vegan food environment renewable energy solar power physical training singing dance creativity art crafts music permaculture natural building straw bale building drumming drumming workshops wild food Strength and Conditioning detox and cleansing weight-loss pilates running