Rainbows of Sound
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Rainbows of Sound

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Event address: Chesterfield, VA

More details: http://bit.ly/2p6qwKO

About this event

Spiritual & Inspirational Medium Ruth Shilling presents her third workshop at the Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center, this time bringing everyone a unique experience with sound and voice! What we perceive as white light actually contains all the colors. A crystal separates light into a rainbow spectrum that we can see. Likewise, sounds that we hear, both musical instruments and voices, also contain a spectrum of sounds called overtones (though we are only aware of one note at a time). In the art of overtone singing, we ourselves become like a crystal that separates out these sounds and makes them audible.

This workshop will include an intellectual explanation of overtones (also called harmonics), a guided meditation/journey into the Rainbows of Sound, and your own personal experience using different methods of singing the overtones yourself (don't worry, you won't be called on to do it alone!).

There will be a slide show and handouts explaining the physics of how overtones work. Understanding is good, but there is a sense of awe when one actually experiences it. Hearing the inner dimensions of a sound revealed is truly sacred. Another benefit is that when you are singing the overtones yourself, they resonate and stimulate different parts of your brain. With that enhanced vibration comes experiences of broadened perception, clarity, and ecstasy.

Become the crystal that you truly are and reveal the rainbow of sacred sounds within you!

EVENT LOCATION: Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center, 11932 Winterpock Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23838

If attending more than one workshop over the weekend, you can receive a discount. Pre-pay for 2 or more classes by April 13th to receive a discount!

Buy any 2 workshops for $60

Buy all 4 workshops for $100

NOTE: Each class is $35.00 at the door. Walk-ins accepted. For pre-payments and discounts, payment can be made online at http://bit.ly/2p6qwKO

Any questions, please contact judith at jkohnen01@gmail.com

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Judith Kohnen, RN, SC-C, CHTP

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Sat 14
2018 Apr

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mind-body training meditation singing spiritual healing chanting Mindfulness Holistic Healing Vibration Sound Therapy harmonics toning