Qigong Healing Sessions
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Qigong Healing Sessions

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Event address: 83 Claylands Rd, London SW8 1PJ

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Individual Qigong Healing Sessions with Jianshe Liu from Hainan Island, China. Jianshe trained with Master Pang Ming at the world's largest 'medicine-less hospital' in Beijing, and was in charge of the 'recovery unit' for people with cancer.

Each session is for an hour, and may be booked as an individual session, or a couples session.

for prices, times, and information please email or call Caroline Whyman.

Jinashe has a very positive attitude and he works in a very heart-centred way, giving hope and feeling things can really change!

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Caroline Whyman

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Thu 30
2013 May
Mon 20
2013 May
Wed 15
2013 May

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Zhineng Qigong qigong traditional chinese medicine (TCM) traditional healing systems