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I live in Kings Langley

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I am a writer, healer and teacher with a passion for people and authentic, heartfelt communication and connection, in whatever form that takes.

I offer transformative and magical healing sessions sharing intimate space with others through Lomi Lomi Love massage. I also host cosy gatherings for like-minded others to experience the bliss of being present, whether sitting in meditation, chanting sacred songs or sharing a delicious meal or ritual. I believe that joy is our essence and anything that I can do to bring others and myself into ever expanding and deeper experiences of joy and bliss gets my attention.

I am also a loving and nurturing mother of 2 beautiful children and also a real human being with real human feelings and emotions, some are happy and expansive, some are sad and more contracted. I am consciously connected to my feeling life and offer a loving hand of support to others as they navigate through the blessings and challenges of their own. Particularly at this time of profound planetary change.

If you feel so inspired, why not get in touch and start the conversation? With love and blessings, Priya x

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meditation journal writing singing spiritual massage lomilomi massage creativity music relating and communication writing chanting

Past events

New Moon You

Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, GB

A gorgeous evening of chanting and meditation on each new moon through 2013. Do you want to infuse a project ... See more


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Post by priya 4 years, 6 months ago

Spring into Spring...

The spring equinox marks a time of profound balance and harmony. As those inner harmonics have come up for healing and transformation, it is certainly true to say that these past few months of 2013 more