Practitioner Course in Subtle Energy Medicine
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Practitioner Course in Subtle Energy Medicine

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Event address: Richmond, London, UK

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About this event

This is a two year part time practitioner course in Subtle Energy Medicine. This includes Crystal and Energy Healing Diploma.

It runs over 7 weekends per year and leads to a qualification accredited by The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine, a UK umbrella for energy therapies.

It is a profound development and healing course that teaches students how to sense and asses the human energy field (aura) and the energy systems within it i.e. chakra points and grids.

It teaches how to heal these systems by using crystals, colour, sound and flowers and includes the Bach Flower Remedies for self development.

Deeper subjects such as death and dying, past life work, inner child, how to mange crisis and sacred geomtery are covered in depth.

Also more generic subjects such as setting up in practice, anatomy and physiology and practice health and safety are also included.

Apart from being a practitioner course, this is also a course in self or inner development, designed to help graduates answer some of the deeper questions about life and one's own path.

This is a life changing course and is deeply rewarding.

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Energy Medicine International

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Sat 22
2017 Apr

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Energy Healing Subtle Energy Medicine Crystal and Energy Healing