Osho Meditation Camp
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Osho Meditation Camp

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Event address: Synchronicity 157a Hubert Grove Clapham North London SW9 9NZ

More details: http://www.meetup.com/Osho-Meditation-Camp-in-London/

About this event

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to share some of the most effective and powerful meditation techniques ever designed.

The Enlightened Master Osho, a contemporary mystic, has created several meditation devices that specifically address the obstacles to meditation of the modern mind.

In our next events we will experiment with some of these life transformative techniques.

The day includes:

Osho Dynamic Meditation: it is one of the major contributions to making meditation available for the contemporary man. If practiced with sincerity, totality and commitment this single technique will bring a complete cleansing and transformation of the body/mind, allowing to experience deeper levels of meditation.

Nadabrama Meditation: accompanied by music composed under Osho’s guidance, this old Tibetan technique was originally done in the early hours of the morning and it is based on the humming sound, which creates healing and harmonising vibrations throughout the body. Slowly the mind calms down and only the sound remains.

Osho discourse: the Osho audio talks are an amazing opportunity to listen directly to the words of Osho. For the first time in history the exact words of an Enlightened Master have been recorded without interpretation or manipulation (unlike Krishna, Buddha or Jesus). Osho used talking to create an atmosphere where meditation can happen spontaneously. It is not just an opportunity to gain knowledge but above all to directly experience one’s own centre of stillness, silence and relaxed awareness.

Osho Kundalini: this meditation is a pathway to awaken the dormant life energy. Through shaking and dancing, the energy will be activated and will start flowing; the rock-like being will melt and the body will become fluid, alive, energised. It is a very gentle yet powerful meditation technique, ideally done in the evening to shake off the impressions of the day and leave a pure inner space of calm and stillness.

Contribution: £25 if paid in advance (contact organiser).

£30 on the door.

Bring a new friend and you pay half price.


The event will run from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

9.00-9.15- Arrival.

9.15-9.30 - Dynamic Meditation instructions for new comers.

9.30 - Meditation starts and doors close.

Dynamic Meditation is advised to be done on an empty stomach or light breakfast (at least 2 hours before).


Hot drinks and nibbles will be provided.

You can bring your own lunch or there is a vegetarian cafe next door where we can eat all together.

This event is organised by
Ma Prem Pushpita

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Sun 16
2013 Jun

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