Orgasm of the Heart
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Orgasm of the Heart

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with Raks & Suta

Exploring the more sensual side our bodies through combining the worlds of Bioenergetics and Tantra.

When we close off to our hearts, we also begin to close off to pleasure. By liberating the emotional, physical and energetic blocks in our hearts we will open ourselves up to feeling the fullness of our bodies.

By acknowledging the sexual animal in ourselves and the desire to feel sexually fulfilled, we will open up the huge capacity of our bodies to feel pleasure.

In this group we will use techniques of emotional release, Tantra, massage and dance so you can experience what it means to feel fulfilled and orgasmic in your heart.

This event happened on:

Fri 5
2013 Apr
Sun 7
2013 Apr

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meditation dance tantra shamanism tantric massage creativity bioenergetics active meditation