Open House- Enrich Your Body, Mind & Soul
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Open House- Enrich Your Body, Mind & Soul

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Event address: 22 E. 30 Street, New York, NY 10016

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Friday, Feb. 7, 6-10pm

Open House- Enrich Your Body, Mind and Soul-

Join the New York Open Center for an evening of FREE lectures and presentations in Holistic Health & Nutrition, Life-Coaching, Positive Psychology, Energy Healing, and more! Meet faculty, ask questions and browse the bookstore. Special discounts for classes, in the bookstore/cafe and for Wellness Services — this evening only! 15-Minute Mini-Wellness Sessions are available for $15. FREE Event, stop by or register at

New York Open Center, 22 E. 30th Street, Between 5th and Madison Ave., 212-219-2527 x 2.

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Fri 7
2014 Feb

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nutrition Holistic therapy Reiki Healing holistic life coaching singing spiritual massage creativity personal growth Chakra Healing