Old Skin, New Skin
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Old Skin, New Skin

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Dossie Easton


Event address: Clapham, London

More details: http://sacredpleasures.co.uk/dossieeastonlondonworkshop/

About this event

Wild Kundalini and Shadow Play for healing and transformation

We are delighted to announce that world-renowned sex educator Dossie Easton returns to London for her 4th event with Sacred Pleasures. This time Dossie joins forces with London Faerie & Claire Black for a brand-new intensive.

This is Old Skin, New Skin: a profound three-and-a-half day exploration of Ecstatic BDSM for healing and transformation – and of course, pleasure.

We can let limiting beliefs and negative behaviour patterns affect our daily life. Dossie, Claire and Faerie believe in the alchemical power of BDSM to transform these beliefs and patterns from lead into gold. At the heart of these issues you’ll find the key to deep healing, and discover more bliss than you thought possible.

At Old Skin, New Skin we draw on our diverse backgrounds as BDSM healers to show you how to do this. We give you the tools you need and create a deep nurturing space where you can shed old skins. Then on the last day we come back together for a deliciously juicy play party where you can stretch your new skin in loving community with other explorers.

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Thu 5
2013 Dec
Sun 8
2013 Dec

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