New World Consciousness Conference - Expo
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New World Consciousness Conference - Expo

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Event address: Orlando, florida

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An incredible gathering of teachers, researchers, authors sharing their wisdom to create conscious awareness for our future. Plus a fabulous tradeshow. All at a gorgeous tropical retreat in Orlando Florida.

Consciousness, sacred geometry, feng shui, conscious nutrition, sound and frequency, time travel, shamanic healing, and more.

Entertainment, native american ceremony

Book signings

Meet and greet party


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Renae Jensen

This event happened on:

Fri 11
2017 Aug
Sun 13
2017 Aug

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nutrition Holistic therapy naturopathic nutrition meditation environment renewable energy solar power concentrated solar power physical training Ecotherapy singing feng shui holistic coaching dance esoteric spiritual sexual healing shamanic sexual healing shamanism traditional chinese medicine (TCM) herbal medicine music natural building straw bale building bioenergetics relating and communication authentic speaking drumming workshops paleo diet Ayurveda consciousness Organic Whole food Nutrition Neutral-Space Relaxation traditional healing systems Sound Rose Alchemy Ormus Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Time travel Ufo