New World Consciousness Conference & Expo
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New World Consciousness Conference & Expo

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Event address: Orlando, Florida

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The New World Consciousness Conference & Expo is bringing knowledge forward to create awareness, transformation and solutions for our global community. NWC has gathered an International knowledge forum of top Researchers, Teachers, Authors and Innovators to present compelling topics that create awareness for the new conscious shift.

NWC will encompass technology, physiology, metaphysics in an atmosphere of connection, progress and unity. We believe that through the awareness of truth and wisdom, we can make enlightened choices, and expand beyond limited paradigms.

From the mind, to the heart, and out into the physical world, the conference process has been a positive energetic direction forward. The right location, incredible speakers, dynamic vendorsā€¦ are unifying to create an experience of a lifetime.

Renae is a co-host of the New World Consciousness Conference & Expo. She will also be presenting a lecture on Feng Shui and Conscious Design. Conscious Design is a powerful process inviting an open mind, the ability to shift and grow, the understanding that we know much, but not everything; and the courage to make the changes necessary for the highest good. Conscious Design acknowledges the value of ancient wholistic sciences, and integrates ancient concepts such as Feng Shui with modern cutting edge research in health, Green Design, and BauBiologieā„¢ and Environmental Psychology.

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Fri 11
2017 Aug
Sun 13
2017 Aug

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