NaturesWay Holistic Bodycare Treatments
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NaturesWay Holistic Bodycare Treatments

I live in Ripley, Derbyshire.

Call me on: 07854 725246

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NaturesWay provides an holistic approach to massage therapy. It treats both the physiological and psychological affects on the body. This is a professional service provided by a fully qualified holistic massage therapist. CRB registered.


To assist in the healing process of the human body as a whole!


NaturesWay considers the mind, soul and body in all it's practices which is why it offers, not only, physical treatments for physical problems, but also extra information regarding healthy eating, staying fit and councelling for psychological difficulties.

NaturesWay can also provide services of a more spiritual pathway, such as, Tarot, Psychic oracle and crystal card readings.

If required, you can also be referred to other professionals who deal in Reiki healing, Zero balancing etc.


Now teaching Canine Massage & Touch Therapy to dog owners!

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Areas of expertise:

nutrition mind-body training Holistic therapy meditation mindfulness meditation holistic life coaching Thai Massage tarot spiritual massage creativity traditional chinese medicine (TCM) cupping therapy craniosacral therapy Ayurvedic Massage personal growth Ayurveda Self Massage clairvoyance Chakra Healing Swedish massage Indian Head Massage acupressure Sports Massage Cognative Behavioral Therapy Counselling

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