Mela Berger
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Mela Berger

I live in 91 Long Bay St. Philip, Barbados

Call me on: 215-310-1540

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Mela Berger HHP, BCMT has over 40 years of training & experience. A graduate of the International Professional School of Bodywork, International Academy of Neuromuscular Therapy and The National Academy of Sports Medicine (amoung others). Ms. Berger has a profound understanding of how the body moves, functions and heals. She has the skills and ability to help you bring your being into balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Ms. Berger specializes in Rolfing, movement and Body/Mind Integration. She is the founder and director of The Caribbean Institute Of Healing & Cultural Arts in Barbados. (Please visit

Areas of expertise:

Rolf Method of Structural Integration Neuromuscular Therapy Somato Emotional Release Passive Joint Manipulation Aquatic Bodywork/Watsu Holistic Health Coaching Healing Dance and Movement Healing Drum Circles

Past events

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Mela Berger

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Mela Berger

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