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Ma Prem Anjali

I live in 112 Northumberland Avenue, Welling DA16 2PZ

Call me on: 07961821328

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I am an Osho Sanyasin since 2000, conducting meditations for ten years, organising workshops and running a meditation centre.

I would like to share my inner joy and stillness with friends . My life has transformed since I have come to Osho and meditation is integral part of my daily life. Meditation not only benefits me personally it also changes my surrounding vibrations. I am very passionate about sharing the dance and music of life with likeminded friends and be a co-creator of the inner beauty that is available for all of us to experience and enjoy. I would like to create a warm, welcoming and loving space where one is allowed the freedom to be oneself without the fear of being judged.

Osho is a modern day mystic with a unique vision and approach toward life, love and celebration. He has designed hundreds of meditation techniques to enrich life by making it stress free and able to deal with negative emotions like anger and fear. Osho’s active meditations prepare the body and mind to be able to experience the silence and joy of the inner being.

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meditation mindfulness meditation active meditation

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Recommendation of Open Meeting event by Ma Prem Anjali 6 years, 10 months ago

It is pleasant to be in Amoda's presence. I have attended rebirthing sessions with her that has really helped to deepen my meditation and removing some blocks. I highly recommend her.